Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Provisional BBC

I’ve just discovered The Provisional BBC, purveyor of spoof news stories.

Such as: “Madonna is refusing to set out a timetable for returning baby David Banda to Malawi, saying he will only leave when the job is complete. The singer has attracted international criticism for adopting the baby under false pretences, but will not apologise. ‘I can apologise for the effects of the adoption, but I cannot in all honesty apologise for the adoption,’ she told Oprah yesterday, adding ‘God told me to do it.’”

And: “Britain is fast being swamped by waves of celebrities who refuse to work and expect the rest of us to prop up their extravagant lifestyles. Home Office officials would not confirm Celebrity Watch's figures, but admitted in private they were unsure Britain could cope with a sustained influx of celebrities.”

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