Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Aggression and illogic

Anonymous al-Qaida supporter:

If somebody commits an aggression against you, you are allowed [in Islam] to commit an aggression against him. Millions of Iraqi children were killed as a result of the [Western] embargo and no-fly zone and we have to treat those responsible in kind. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001. And it is very clear in the Qur'an; make your punishment proportionate to what was done against you. …
[British Muslims] need to arm themselves to prevent the kaffir [non-believer] from coming into their home, terrorising their families, frightening their children and invading their privacy… they have to be prepared to pay the price and fight back.

Dispatches director Phil Rees:

Most in the UK would label [him] a terrorist and argue that his words are too shocking for the British audience to hear. …
After spending several hours discussing topics [with him]… it became clear that [he] is not "mindless" but a product of the political realities of our planet.

Too shocking to hear? What pompous drivel. From both of them. No, Nameless Jihad Coward Boy’s words are actually pretty banal. We’ve all heard this kind of self-serving pontification before. If he weren’t trying to get a load of people killed, his words would be too pathetic to care about.

And what the hell’s this “not ‘mindless’ but a product of the political realities” stuff? Has he freely chosen his position or not? Have Western imperialists (the only genuinely free agents) turned him into a mass-murder fan or not?

Scribbles, as usual, is right on the mark:

So, in this Dispatches programme, when [he] talked about "aggression" against Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, I would have liked him to be confronted with the fact that the people responsible for the slaughter in these countries have been, and continue to be, Muslims. The Baathists, the Taliban, al-Qaida. Not agents of the West, but people whose faith is Islam, killing Islamic people, in the name of Islam. …
And the least a Channel4 programme that allows such people… to spout this kind of deeply offending nonsense can do is confront them with their illogic. And it must be confronted because this idea that the suffering of Muslims around the world is due exclusively to nasty Britain and America is widely believed, despite the fact that it is so obviously not the truth. And it is this widespread belief that allows people who blow up civilians in peacetime Britain to say it's about foreign policy.
Put simply, we are allowing the killing of people on our streets to be legitimised by a faux argument.
… Interview any student, Muslim or not, and you'll get much the same sort of rubbish.

What about this news, for instance? Where do we judge the ‘aggression against Muslims’ to be here:

US troops in Iraq say they have killed an al-Qaeda leader who masterminded the attacks on a Shia shrine that led to a major escalation in sectarian violence. Officials say Haitham al-Badri was behind the 2006 and 2007 attacks on the al-Askari shrine in Samarra, which destroyed its golden dome and minarets.

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DavidP said...

After the programme it said you can watch it via the Internet, free for 7 days. Might be worth it to see the drivel he have to put up with. Actually, this was better than most.