Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An open wound

I do feel sorry for Mohamed Al Fayed. He seems to be a nasty, arrogant little man, but he’s also a man who’s been irreparably broken by tragedy.

It’s sad that he’s using his public position for paranoid ranting, it’s sad that the legal system is giving him a platform for this, and it’s sad that there’s all the media-fuelled chuckling and sneering.

Whether his case is malicious posturing or heartfelt delusion or a mixture of the two, it appears that Al Fayed has spent the last decade of his life stuck in that tunnel in Paris.


Andre said...

I feel sorry for him. But aren't some things he is saying libelous?

M said...

I'm not entirely sure how it works in the UK, but I think statements in court are protected (as well as the press actually printing such statements).

From libel and such, anyway.

Tom Freeman said...

I think that's right - if not, then couldn't any prosecutor (or prosecution witness) be open to libel proceedings if the defendant is found not guilty?