Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cameron Direct – where there’s spin, there’s a win

It’s good for political leaders to have regular contact with ordinary people. It’s good whether they do this individually, over the phone (incidentally, how is it ‘cold-calling’ to ring someone who’s written to you raising a concern and giving you their phone number?), or whether they do this in a crowded room in front of the media.

But a bit of friendly advice for David Cameron (for the latter route is his): given the criticisms of you as an opportunistic spin-merchant, you might want to avoid branding your Q&A sessions in a way reminiscent of a dodgy ambulance-chasing no-win-no-fee internet law firm.

But who knows – maybe next week will see the launch of Cleggsavers (you should have gone) and Cillit Brown (BROWN! And the charm is gone!).

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