Tuesday, April 28, 2009

People like us don’t have free will, not like those other malicious bastards

This post by Chris reminds me that an awful lot of politics can be explained by the following principle:

  • When people I identify with do unpleasant things, it’s because circumstances have forced them to; when people I don’t identify with do unpleasant things, it’s because they’re bad people.

Living on benefits. Tax avoidance. Industrial action. Crime. War. Terrorism. Any foreign policy issue. My party’s policy. Their party’s policy. It explains all of these things and more – or rather, it explains the knee-jerk attitudes of lazy thinkers to all of these things and more. And lazy knee-jerking counts for a lot.


tim f said...

Ah, but what if I don't identify with bad people & I do identify with people under difficult circumstances? Then the statement would be entirely legitimate.

Tom Freeman said...

That's what they all say.

Hughes Views said...

The less you know about someone the easier it is to classify them.

Paul Maurice Martin said...

Yes - I've had exactly this thought too.