Monday, September 14, 2009

Niche market penetration

Julian Glover notes that political parties are following commercial firms in using “a marketing system called Mosaic UK to power their campaigns, which breaks Britain into 155 types of individual”.

Now, I don’t mean to be crude – or rather, I fully intend to be crude but want to feign a modicum of propriety while I do it – but something funny struck me about the list of demographic types, which includes:

  • Dormitory Villagers
  • Squires Among Locals
  • Country Loving Elders
  • Side Street Singles
  • Golden Retirement
  • Balcony Downsizers
  • Shop Floor Affluence
  • Asian Attainment
  • Footloose Managers
  • Domestic Comfort
  • Brownfield Pioneers
  • First To Move In
  • Small Block Singles
  • Deprived View
  • Back-To-Back Basics
  • Study Buddies

I don’t mean the sheer torrent of bullshit, although there is that. What I mean is that an awful lot of these categories sound like downmarket porn mags.


John B said...

"Squires among Locals" sounds very much like a cover story from Enrazzlement...

Matt M said...

Golden Retirement

That's an image that will haunt me for a while.

jams o donnell said...

I shudder to think what a brownfield pioneer is.. On the other hand I can just see Asian Attainment on the top shelf of the local sweet shop...

Anonymous said...

What do you mean? 'Downmarket'??

Tom Powdrill said...

They sort of remind me of that bit out of the Chris Morris Paedo-geddon show.

"You're a shrub rocketeer" etc

VicHoon said...

As a veteran adgit I can say that I've never found a use for Mosaic. The classifications are supposed to represent different residential types, but the plethora of terms make accuracy less, not more, likely. I much prefer the TGI Lifestages, which are all about who you live with and how much you earn.
I work in advertising and have no soul.

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