Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tom 1, Ikea 0

I’ve not been posting much lately, and what I have been putting up has mostly been short ‘ooh, look at that’-type stuff.

This will carry on for a while; I finally moved into my new flat this week and I’m currently wrestling with the many things that still need sorting out. No internet yet, but luckily the block reception area has WiFi for residents.

I just wanted to brag about today’s DIY triumph. This photo shows both the inadequacy of the parts supplied in the flat pack and my brilliantly improvised solution. Huzzah for British ingenuity and yah boo sucks to shoddy Swedish mass production!

I now have a perfectly constructed kitchen trolley. Just don’t put anything heavy on the bottom shelf, alright?


Anonymous said...

Heath Robinson is alive and well

Tom Powdrill said...

probably Chinese mass production too. most Ikea stuff seems to be made there.