Thursday, July 01, 2010

Not just another click on the wall

The Times paywall goes up tomorrow. I’ve said my piece on this, but I’d like to add a comment on their new-look site, which has been up and running a couple of weeks now: it’s terrible. The pages are slow to load, the pictures are vast and almost all stories are now split across two or more pages – even if the last page just has a couple of lines – so that they can tell advertisers they’ve got a higher number of page views.

I may or may not go for the £1 introductory offer for the first month, but £2 a week thereafter – sorry, no.


Paul Sagar said...

It's a dilemma though.

On the one hand: fuck Murdoch.

On the other: Newspaper industry better alive than dead as regards public and political accountability, therefore viable business model needs to be found.

Thankfully, my individual contribution is negligible. It's a sorites paradox, and my personal actions make no difference. Like with global warming. So I can both not pay Murdoch and drive everywhere, knowing that it hastens bad ends, but making me feel better, whilst knowing it all really makes no difference.

Life, eh?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was my computer it takes ages to load stick and then you have to wait.