Thursday, February 08, 2007

Boycott Saudi oil

Nestle baby milk? Gap sweatshops? South African Apartheid? Small fry.

Today’s right-on ethical consumers should challenge oil companies about how much of their product comes from this hell-hole (whose second-largest export industry is Wahhabi fanaticism), and then fill up their cars at petrol stations that don’t subsidise savagery.

Or we could just leave it to the politicians.


anticant said...

Hi Tom, Thanks for drawing my attention to this excellent article, which I'd missed when perusing today's "Independent".

Just want to say how much I enjoy your blog and very thoughtful comments on issues which concern me too. Hope you'll cast an eye over 'anticant's arena' sometimes, and maybe leave a comment now and then []. A complementary link would be appreciated.

If we are to change the current political apathy for the better, we need to have more dialogue on our own and others' blogsites.

More power to your keyboard!

anticant said...

It is of course the case that we - the West - are subsidising the spread of this extremist brand of Islam throughout Europe - and presumably the USA as well - by being the Saudis' biggest customers for oil. They pour billions of petrodollars into funding mosques, schools, and imams who preach hatred of our way of life. a truly ironic state of affairs!

Tom Freeman said...

Yes, I'm sure all those hardline madrassas are terribly upset by the fact that they're bankrolled by decadent Western capitalism! Ho hum...

And BTW, I am a shallow and vain individual; flattery will get you everywhere. One blogroll link coming up.