Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cameron’s illegal funding hypocrisy

Two weeks ago:

David Cameron has demanded to know who knew about Labour's proxy donations, saying it is "incredible" that top Labour officials did not know the law. It "beggars belief" that Gordon Brown knew nothing about the donations, he added, and said the PM was trying to "spin his way out" of the row.

David Cameron's constituency party has admitted receiving more than £7,000 in invalid donations, it has emerged. The Witney Conservative Party has voluntarily forfeited the cash to the Electoral Commission because the benefactors were not British voters.
…Tory aides said the incident was a "genuine mistake".

Hopi is on fine form:

So in every statement the Conservative party has made since then about accepting donations from illegal sources, at every PMQs, at every interview, they have known they their Leader’s own party had done exactly what they accused others of doing.

It “beggars belief” that Cameron thinks he can get away with this.

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