Thursday, February 14, 2008

Universal Thatcherism

I think there’s only one reasonable interpretation of this headline:

UK could overturn Thatcher space ban

That’s got to be the most ambitious, the most redundant and the most counter-productive asbo I’ve ever heard of. Why not let her blast off to trouble someone else instead?

Alas, when you click through from the Times home page, it becomes ‘UK could overturn Thatcher space ban on manned missions’. That’s no fun.

But the article does suggest she was planning to lead from the front:

Britain gave up on [the] idea of manned missions in 1986 after Mrs Thatcher, then Prime Minister, pulled out of the manned missions planned by the European Space Agency.

Yes, only one thing could have outweighed Maggie’s desire to conquer the universe: her horror at having to do it as part of a joint European project.

No! No! No!

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Matt M said...

I think a ban on Mrs. Thatcher going into space is a very sensible idea - would you want her to be the first human aliens ever ecounter?