Monday, March 31, 2008

Post-stag weekend post

Drinking, bowling, surfing, caneoing, drinking, walking, losing an hour in the best nightclub in Bude, getting rained on, drinking, crushing ourselves into a minibus for six hours each way, and getting the stag kitted out in a Pamela Anderson Baywatch swimsuit and wig. All my limbs ache and I need about a day’s sleep.

Excellent fun.

Because I’m incapable of good or even coherent blogging today, here’s some by other people:

Paulie explains centralisation.

The Fat Man on a Keyboard looks at the leftwing strands of the blogosphere.

Marko Attila Hoare thinks that left vs right is now less relevant than pro- vs anti-West.

And (hat tip to somebody; sorry, I can’t remember who) the 100 most beautiful words in English, according to some list. A lot of these words are on the uncommon side – niveous, aestivate – which leads me to wonder if there’s a certain element of showing off here. But, as somebody (also can’t remember) once said, opera sounds better in a language you don’t understand, as the words can be enjoyed purely for the poetry of tbeir sounds, unencumbered by being the dreary things you use to ask whether you need to buy any toilet paper. Same sort of thing here. Plus, for a few of the more obscure, there’s pleasure in finding out the meaning: hymeneal isn’t quite what I thought it would mean. But less fancy words have beauty too: cockle and ripple are good choices. Lilt would be great if not for the sickly fizzy drink.

Can I go to bed now, please? Oh. No, I can’t. Some idiot has scheduled a meeting late this afternoon that I have to both chair and take minutes for. And that idiot has forogtten to book a room.


Aaron Murin-Heath said...

>>>Telegram for Mr. Freeman<<<

running late STOP
have to write blog review STOP
will rob these excellent links STOP
thanks STOP


Matt M said...

Given your languor after the hymeneal weekend, I wish I could adumbrate a panacea to your situation. Hopefully your lassitude will be ephemeral and you'll soon be as ebullient and halcyon as usual.

Now, I'm off to look at these words you mention.