Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sounding a note of caution

So the recession might just be over, or has at least paused (see also Chris Dillow and Paul Krugman), and England may have stormed to a glorious, heroic 6-0 triumph over fearsome opponents, but there is still cause for concern.

Mars is going to collide with the Earth (possibly).

And just when house prices were starting to pick up…

Experts say there is only a tiny chance of it happening and it would be unlikely to happen for billions of years.

Yeah, right. That’s exactly what they said about the credit crunch. I’m buying tinned food and heading for the cellar.


jams o donnell said...

Ach That Gordon Brown... What can't he be content creating the credit crunch, broken Britain, the increasing youthfulness of coppers, the reduction in the size of Waggon Wheels and the death of Cock Robin. Now he has upset the harmony of the spheres.

I for one will consider registering my protest at the next election by voting Liberal Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Ah so voting Lib Dem's will stop mars, phew thats ok then.