Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Anyone in London (and, I presume, lots of other places) is likely to be pretty pissed off with the Transport Misery Caused By Freak Cold Weather In Mid-December (© Daily Mail). People are in danger of losing their Christmas spirit!

These videos will help to avert that:

Merri Chirstmaz!


Liam Murray said...

Meery Christmas to you & yours Tom.

(n.b. Iain D carried a cartoon yesterday - "someone's wrong on the internet". I think I saw that here many months ago?)

Tom Freeman said...

Likewise to you and your family!

Yeah, that cartoon was from XKCD. I first saw it at Alix Mortimer's and loved it straight away.

Here's to 12 more months of internet wrongness!

jams o donnell said...

No more commuting for me until New Year and I am damned glad of it!

Here;s wishing you a very Happy Christmas