Sunday, March 28, 2010

New agency, new posters... new spoof

Via Jon Bernstein, I see that now the Tories have called Saatchi’s in to revive their flagging campaign, they’re doing what they know best: going negative, hitting hard, saying nothing about themselves:

As MyDavidCameron have said they won’t be spoofing any more posters, it falls to lesser lights such as me to take up the cause:

(Gimme a break, OK? I had to do this in Word... And it probably doesn’t help that I have all the design skills of a drowsy baboon with a bag over his head.)

Update 29/3: I've done another (slightly ruder) spoof.

Update 4/4: And another, more original poster


Anonymous said...

mdtauk said...

Clifford Singer said...

Tom, great spoof - I've added it here:

Hope that's ok with you


Law said...

Fast work - great spoof

Law said...

Love to see this in the poster - can anyone do it?

I will sack Lord Ashcroft.
(but only If we win the election)


Nich Starling said...

I've used the poster and linked to you. Hope that is okay ?

Tom Freeman said...

Hi guys, thanks for the links - happy for you to reproduce it.

septicisle said...

That's an actual campaign poster? It's even more egregious than the ones produced by the company they previously employed.

BobaJob said...

The One M&C Saatchi didn't come up with

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