Monday, August 02, 2010

Janet and John consult on welfare reform

The DWP has produced an “easy-read” guide to changing the benefits system. These guides have been around for a few years, but I hadn’t seen any before today.

As someone with an unhealthy appetite for policy documents and a desire for more people to be politically engaged, I’m torn between thinking that these are obviously a good idea and rolling on the floor laughing like a smug overeducated git.

We want to help people to get a job and to do well in that job. We also want to look after those people who need a lot of help.

We do not want to give less help to people who really need it. But we need to make sure we are helping the right people.

But first we want people to tell us what they think about these changes. This is called a consultation.

I’m very concerned that the government may be trying to encourage less well-off people to spend their newly earned wages down the pub. I’m also worried that most of the people seem to have been doing so much coke that their entire noses, not just their septums, have been eroded.


tim f said...

Not to mention that they've all had so much botox their facial expressions don't change when they talk.

Anonymous said...

It's great idea 100% of all disabled people are retards cannot read and thick as shit.

And boy do these firms who are going to help me find a job have problems.

My last special adviser demanded I show here why I'm disabled, I bet she never ask again.

I have an implanted catheter which goes through my penis into my bladder and into a bag attached to my leg, she now knows about this.

Every dam time I see a new adviser they ask are you really disabled, come on now you may as well tell us, do you need that wheelchair, come on now sir do you really need it.

Everyone of these morons are aged between nineteen and twenty, once I prove it some are struggling to stop them selves being sick, I slapped my nappy on the table last time covered in blood and shit you never saw anyone leave the room so fast.

I'm paraplegic with no bowel and bladder function, I've been looking for work for six years, so far no chance

Anonymous said...

Well something certainly needs to be done about the tax credits!
I'm a single parent with 2 kids. Last year I worked 3 days a week and got child tax credit. This year I increased my hours to 4 days a week and lost as much in tax credit as I gained in wages! What incentive is there to work?
Now I find out that because I earned £27000 this year I got exactly the same in child tax credit as I would have done if I'd earned £40000!!!!!!!
It's just bollocks!!