Sunday, December 19, 2010

What’s in a name?

I’m glad to see Ed Miliband doing this:

Miliband has banned the shadow cabinet from using the word "coalition" to describe the government because it sounds too moderate and reasonable, and fails to convey what he says is its true "ideological, rightwing agenda". …the Labour leader's director of policy, Greg Beales, says that from now on they must use the term "Conservative-led government"

And it’s only taken him three months since I suggested it:

What better way to suggest [the Lib Dems’] inability to tame the Tories than disregarding their existence? Refer to ‘the government’ or even just ‘the Tories’ – not ‘the ConDems’, which is cute but maybe a bit too pleased with itself, nor even ‘the coalition’, which sounds too much like ‘the consensus’, and who wants to be against that?

I am confident that he’s shaping up to be a better leader of the opposition than Iain Duncan Smith or even William Hague.


Liam Murray said...

Choosing not to describe something as it is because it makes life politically difficult (or not as easy as one would like it to be) is not the be admired. I'm reminded of Gordon Brown's alleged aversion to the word cuts...

And yes, I'm well aware that Cameron empoys this trick more regularly than most

Tom Freeman said...

"Conservative-led government" is hardly inaccurate, whether you look at personnel or policies.