Saturday, February 05, 2011

Another twit

So, I’m on Twitter. I have been for ages, but I don’t do much political stuff there, so I’ve never really bothered to integrate it with the blog or cross-promote or multi-platform or whatever ghastly thing it’s called. It’s hard to say anything original or insightful in 140 characters, so it really suits me very well. I mostly use it as an outlet for puns, plus the odd bit of ranting.

Here are some free samples:

  • I just saw a group of fish swim up to a floating marker, thinking it might be food. School buoy error.
  • My architect asked me if I want a room where I can sit down and work quietly, but I’m not sure. So I’ve commissioned a study.
  • I love the new M Night Shyamalan film about a man trying to open a jar of pickles. There’s a great twist at the end.
  • Just saw a lorry carrying 30,000 newly printed copies of the Iliad drive into a lake. Epic fail.
  • A statistician walks into a bar chart.
  • My son has taken some photos of a dominatrix. What a young whippersnapper!

These are some of the better ones. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you want to follow me, then I suggest you either buy a van with blacked-out windows or look at @SnoozeInBrief. If you don’t want to follow me, my understanding is that that’s OK too.


jams o donnell said...

Jesus those are terrible...More please

Liam Murray said...

I believe the next step is to add a little 'widget' (IT for 'box') in your sidebar (IT for the bit at the side) which shows all your tweets.