Monday, April 04, 2011


This is one of the most damning opinion poll findings I’ve seen in a long while:


Anonymous said...

Of course, the really "damning" thing is that a pollster think it is OK to ask such a prurient, totally irrelevant question

It is none of their (or our) f***ing business, of course.

Surprised at this post, tbh.

And yes, a little disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Oh lighten up....

Tom Freeman said...

Of course it's nobody's business but theirs. But if someone's gone and done a poll on it, and if there's such substantial cynicism about it, then that's noteworthy.

Anonymous said...

Your implication, though, seemed to be that said cynicism was directed at Ed M in particular.

Is it not more likely it is the long standing cynicism about politicians more generally?

(and, I suppose, are there any previous questions on such matters to compare it with?)

I stick to my original position that they had no bloody business asking it, however!

Tom Freeman said...

"that said cynicism was directed at Ed M in particular"

That was my assumption, but you're right, it could well be a general thing. The only senior politicians I can think of that got married after already becoming prominent are Hague and Brown, but I have no idea whether there were any polls on the matter.

hengist mcstone said...

IMHO a fourth option should be added - Don't care.

Chris said...

Tom Freeman is getting married because

a) He is in love

b) He is frightened of dying alone

c) He realises he will never do any better

d) His track record at picking up one-night stands is woeful

Let us know when we can put this poll in the field. (Of course, the real answer for these sorts of polls is always secret answer e) all of the above in some combination)

Tom Freeman said...

f) The delivery from Thailand has finally arrived.

Cathy said...

g) He's committed a crime and his wife-to-be is a witness. Guided by the bang-up-to-date legal authority that is Brighton Rock, he plans to make it impossible for her to testify against him.