Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It makes you think

The brain, as well as being the cleverest organ of the body, is also the one whose parts have the best names. Some are exotic, some are poetic, and some are (inappropriately) evocative.

  • Thalamus

  • Hypothalamus

  • Pons

  • Medulla oblongata

  • Hippocampus (nothing to do with hippos or universities)

  • Amygdala

  • Limbic system (nothing to do with limbs)

  • Neocortex

  • Cerebellum

  • Corpus callosum

  • Olfactory tract (not an obscure political pamphlet that stinks)

  • Tectum

  • Basal ganglia (not a lanky Swiss bloke)

  • Pituitary stalk – aka the infundibulum

  • Corona radiata (nothing to do with sunshine)

  • Striatum

  • Globulus pallidus

  • Peduncle (not your dad’s brother who likes walking)

  • Claustrum

  • Fornix

  • Arachnoid mater (nothing to do with spiders or your mum)

  • Anterior commissure

  • Insula (not the bit of the brain that makes you small-minded)

  • Cuneus

  • Precuneus

  • Dentate gyrus (nothing to do with teeth)

  • Fornicate gyrus (nothing to do with – you know…)

  • Posterior horn (no comment)

  • Cingulate sulcus

  • Superior cistern (not a better class of toilet)

  • Cistern of lamina terminalis (not a toilet that’s been given a shiny finish)

  • “And many more…”

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jams o donnell said...

The list made me think back to student days and neurophysio;ogy lectures... I got the impression at the time (81-84) that they might as well have slapped "here be dragons" labels all over the brain.