Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Neil Hamilton: an apologist

Neil Hamilton’s political career collapsed after allegations that he had taken cash in brown envelopes to ask questions in the House of Commons.

Given his latest column in the Daily Express, it seems clear that he was unfairly accused. Mr Hamilton does not, it appears, want any contact with anything brown:

Enoch Powell was my friend for 30 years. He was no racist.

Immigration is out of control and millions of indigenous Britons feel like foreigners in their own country.

On current trends, ethnic Britons will cease to be the majority group in Britain sometime in the next century.

Oh, how are the lowly fallen.

(Hat tip: Oliver Kamm.)

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Andre said...

There's only one word I can use to describe Hamilton - but I doubt you'd want me to use it on this blog :)

He's known even beyond UK shores - not just for his cash for questions scandals but also for being an attention seeking nobody - together with that wife of his. I wonder whether this article means he'll try politics again