Friday, May 22, 2009

Hitler closed the private schools! Oh, and gassed some Jews

Harry Phibbs says:

The BNP is in fact an extreme leftwing outfit. It wishes individual liberty to be sacrificed to state control. It seeks the overthrow of capitalism, and rages against profit and speculators. It wishes to institute a siege economy with protectionism and the nationalisation of foreign-owned companies. In this it is being consistent to its founding inspiration. Hitler nationalised the banks and insurance companies, the economy was rigidly centrally planned, there was an extensive programme of public works, independent schools were banned.
Then, of course, there is the BNP's extreme racism.

Oh dear.

If the BNP does want to introduce protectionism and mass nationalisation, then I disagree with that (just as I disagree with Arthur Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party on similar grounds). But that’s not something I really devote any thought to.

The SLP is not a party I’d ever vote for, but as far as I know they’re within the civilised mainstream of political parties (even though way off to the left on economic policy). The BNP is different. And Hitler was different too. The Nazis are not reviled for nationalising the banks or banning independent schools, even if these were bad things to do.

You don’t say: “Then, of course, there is the BNP's extreme racism.” The BNP’s extreme racism is the very first thing you take notice of. And then, having seen it, you’ll know that they’re abhorrent and that there’s really very little point in looking at the details of whatever else they might be saying about other policy areas.

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