Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cheryl Cole vs David Cameron

Political earthquake transforms nation; bloggers chuckle

No jokes about puppies, please.

Cheryl Cole, the most wonderful and important person in all of Britain, has cast her vote:

"David Cameron. Brrrrr. Slippery isn't he?" she says. "We’ve always been Labour in our family, it just feels wrong not to be. Better the devil you know."

You can’t argue with that.

The distrust is not mutual, though: Cameron has previously described Cheryl as the “most fanciable” member of Girls Aloud – which, ironically, is the only thing he’s ever been right about.

(A festive tip of my Santa hat to Snowflake5. Smashing story!)


Matt M said...

What you need to do is start a rumour that Simon Cowell wants the Conservatives to win the next election. If anti-Cowell sentiment can get Rage Against the Machine to Christmas No. 1 then just imagine how many votes it could generate for Labour. :-)

Hughes Views said...

Excellent idea there from Matt, I'm sure Andrew Lloyd Webber's threat to leave Britain if Labour won help secure us the landslide in 1997 - typical Tory though, he didn't keep his promise.

Merry Xmas etc.