Thursday, May 06, 2010

A democracy is only as good as its voters


Vote as if you cared. Vote as if your actions had consequences. Vote as if your country depended on it. Vote as if you could sketch the future with two strokes of that pencil. Vote as if it mattered.

Vote as if you mattered. Vote as if it was your birthright. Vote as if you were every bit as worthy as the person in the polling booth next to you. Vote as if you wanted to be part of something greater than yourself. Vote as if you had the courage to make a stand without knowing exactly where it would lead.

Vote as if you wanted to be able to look back on this day and know that you counted.

Vote with wisdom, and if you lack wisdom, vote with instinct.

A democracy is only as good as its voters, so be the best voter you can be.



Matt M said...

Be the best at putting a cross on a bit of paper every four or five years?

Surely you mean a democracy is only as good as its citizens - for who voting is only a small (if important) part of engaging with the whole political process.

Tom Freeman said...

Hey, don't mock - I put a bloody good cross on mine. In fact, I'm thinking of going on Britain's Got Letters Of The Alphabet (Or Possibly Multiplication Signs).

Shuggy said...

Me like. You could add: "Vote - and stop worrying it might get dirty in the process".