Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Think locally, deny vocally

Apparently, last month was the warmest April, worldwide, on record. We’ve also just had the warmest January-April period on record (hat tip).

What politically correct alarmist socialist nonsense. These ‘scientists’ with their ‘data’ can say what they like, but let me tell you it’s been bloody chilly lately and no mistake.

In other news, later today I shall be disproving the second law of thermodynamics by tidying my desk.


Anonymous said...

I had an argument on twitter with Jonathan Sheppard of Tory Radio in February, when he posted "Coldest January in 20 years.. is that why global warming is now called climate change?" (though he then claimed he wasn't making an argument, just pointing out a fact. Uh-huh). I pointed out the 'global' part of global warming, he responded "Ah so the rest of the globe will warm bar Britain... my mistake".

In the end, it was the hottest January world-wide in the satellite data record.

This is why I refuse to call them climate 'sceptics' rather than deniers. There are genuine sceptics, who are unconvinced by the evidence so far and seek to find out more; and then there are deniers who will cherry-pick anything that supports their case, and ignore anything that doesn't.

Hughes Views said...

From the New Scientist - Living in denial: When a sceptic isn't a sceptic: http://tinyurl.com/2u8lzk5