Monday, August 21, 2006

He sleeps in mysterious tents

I don’t like being a cynic, you know; I wish somebody would address the root causes of my reactions:

“Instead of taking his usual family holiday, this year [Archbishop] John Sentamu has been sleeping under canvas in York Minster and surviving only on liquids to show solidarity with those who have suffered on both sides of the Israeli-Lebanese border.

“He said: ‘I have been humbled by the thousands of people – of faith and of no faith – who have supported me over the past seven days with their presence, prayers and solidarity.’”

Yes, ever so ’umble. If he didn’t actually believe in the causal power of prayer, you’d have to suspect the whole thing of being a self-indulgent gesture.

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Matt M said...

What is the point of this kind of demonstration?

"I didn't think the Lebanon-Israeli crisis was that bad - but when it gets to the point where Archbishops are sleeping in a tent for a week... something has to be done."

Besides, I hardly think that what the area needs now is more religious interference.