Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Blog Mission Statement

I'm going to write some stuff and see how it goes, you know?


Tom Freeman said...
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Courtney Hamilton said...

Nice one. Did you have a bit of a nightmare trying to think of a name for you blog? It's a good name by the way.

I'll link you to my blog - if that's ok with you of course.

All the best.

From Hamilton to another.

Courtney Hamilton said...

Actually, I've already taken the liberty and added your blog to my blog roll - whether you like it or not.

So there.

Matt M said...

Heh, comments already. It took me ages to get people to read my blog - yet here you are, Mr Popular already.

Bastard. ;-)

Tom Freeman said...

Cheers guys - thanks for the links. Courtney, I'll get a link up to yours sharpish.

The name came fairly easily, but annoyingly someone else already had the freemania.blogspot place, so I had to stick the viva in. Nothing wrong with a bit of viva-ing, mind...

Courtney Hamilton said...

Apologies Tom,

For some strange reason I thought you were a 'Hamilton'. God know's what I was thinking of.

Thanks for the link as well.