Thursday, December 28, 2006

Spoonerism answers

Solutions to the spoonerism quiz are in the comments box below.


Tom Freeman said...

(1) Computing firm triumphed – congratulations!
A. Dell won – well done
(2) Pastry falls apart, so get some cereal
A. Flan breaks – bran flakes
(3) A pale circle of Tories
A. white ring – right-wing
(4) Acquired some cows after a legal fight
A. bought cattle – court battle
(5) Crazy placards display rudeness
A. mad banners – bad manners
(6) A sweet line on low furniture
A. toffee cable – coffee table
(7) Avoiding marsupials? You’ll need these afoot
A. shunning roos – running shoes
(8) Soviet Supreme gives laid-back prescription
A. red best – bed rest
(9) Smut! Exaggerate the sailor’s dance
A. porn hype – horn pipe
(10) Criminals and goats in hidden corners
A. crooks and nannies – nooks and crannies
(11) Father gambled, but couldn’t pay up
A. dad bet – bad debt
(12) Beseech God to lead us to the queer march
A. pray guide – Gay Pride
(13) Free cheese in martial arts movies
A. loose brie – Bruce Lee
(14) Offensive style of all-you-can-eat
A. rude fashion – food ration
(15) Young Simpson – warmth keeps him alive
A. Bart heat – heart beat
(16) Superlative monkey-spank in Palestine
A. best wank – West Bank
(17) Enhanced security for the Royal Mail
A. better locks – letter box
(18) Flailed in the tabloid of shameless nationalism
A. flapped in the rag – wrapped in the flag
(19) Lady’s DNA rebelled without a cause
A. dame’s gene – James Dean
(20) Baking speed heats – but hold-ups for stockbrokers
A. bread races – red braces

Matt M said...

I tried the quiz - and got none of them. I'm rubbish at Countdown as well.