Friday, August 10, 2007

Careful talk disdains lives

Yesterday, Seamus Milne took great care to avoid saying: “I hope more British and American soldiers get killed in Iraq.” Instead, he said:

the price of staying in Iraq will have to rise still further if the US is going to be forced out and Iraq regain its independence.
Inside Iraq, that price can only be exacted by increased resistance.

The greatest danger to both the resistance and the wider campaign to end the occupation remains the Sunni-Shia split, fostered since the invasion in classic divide-and-rule mode.

The history of anti-colonial and anti-occupation resistance campaigns shows that success has almost always depended on broad-based national movements. But the embryonic resistance front has got to be a positive development if it holds together.

And today, Neil Clark takes great care to avoid saying: “I hope those Iraqi interpreters who worked for the British army get murdered.” Instead, he says:

all those who aided the occupation are complicit in what the Nuremburg judgment laid down as "the supreme international crime": the launching of an illegal war of aggression against a sovereign state.
The interpreters did not work for "us", the British people, but for themselves - they are paid around £16 a day, an excellent wage in Iraq - and for an illegal occupying force. Let's not cast them as heroes. The true heroes in Iraq are those who have resisted the invasion of their country.

History tells us that down through history, Quislings have - surprise, surprise - not been well received, and the Iraqi people's animosity towards those who collaborated with US and British forces is only to be expected.
…let's do all we can to keep self-centred mercenaries who betrayed their fellow countrymen and women for financial gain out of Britain.
If that means some of them may lose their lives, then the responsibility lies with those who planned and supported this wicked, deceitful and catastrophic war

What a veritable pair of Orwells for our age.

And now, the UN Security Council has just voted unanimously to extend and expand the UN’s mandate in Iraq. The new resolution:

will pave the way for the UN special envoy in Iraq to support and assist the Iraqi government in political, economic, electoral, and constitutional matters, and help settle disputed internal boundaries
The UN mission would also be asked to promote human rights and judicial and legal reforms and to assist the Iraqi government in planning for a national census.

This bid to legitimate the crusaders’ occupation and prop up the US puppet al-Vichy regime is surely imperialistic collaboration of the worst sort. Maybe some more resistance will be needed.

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Anonymous said...

Is it not time that self appointed "pundits" like Milne realise that their constant support anti western elements in the middle east has resulted in many deaths.

The blood of incent Iraqui's etc lie on your hands not Bush or Blair.

If a sucide bomber was to explode its self in an Islington cafe perhaps we would hear a littleless from those who advopcate such violence.