Friday, October 17, 2008

Acorns of blood: the black squirrel will soon hold the whip hand

Travelling through Royston or possibly Letchworth the other day, I spotted what looked like a black squirrel.

Surely not, I thought.

But surely yes, says Wikipedia.

And horror of horrors, says the Daily Mail:

Scientists say the testosterone-charged black is fitter, faster and more fiercely competitive than both reds or greys. … It has already taken over in parts of England and appears to be spreading. … "They could overrun most of the Eastern counties within ten years."

Just so that you can calibrate the exact type of gibbering paranoia appropriate to this news, I should clarify that the black squirrels are mutants rather than immigrants. Although the grey squirrels that they’re mutated from were themselves immigrants.


Andrew R said...

In Russia, black squirrels have been known to eat dogs

Propitiatory offerings of acorns may be worth considering.

jams o donnell said...

I'm amazed that the Mailhan't been all over this invasion. The Express too but then again There isn't a Princess Di angle.