Friday, October 31, 2008

Can apostrophes win votes? To be sure!

He’d have had this election sewn up months ago – never mind the twin implosions of Sarah Palin and the economy – if he’d just changed his name, ever so slightly, to… Barack O’Bama.

< comedy Irish accent >
“Is that the Galway O’Bamas, now, Barry? Ah, will you not come in and have a nice cup of tea – you put your feet up while I pop out and get the town to vote for you.”
< /comedy Irish accent >

And if you’ve got Irish roots, however spurious, ‘palling around with terrorists’ actually helps…

So don’t ever tell me that punctuation doesn’t matter.


Anonymous said...

The YouTube video

O'bama is Irish

is here :-

Tom Freeman said...

Bah! Someone else had my idea first!