Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cheap Extra value jokes

It’d be easy to fume about the Pope’s remarks about sexuality and gender, but really – what’d be the point? This sort of crap is part of his job description. And giving him the attention is exactly what he wants.

So I won’t rant, and I won’t poke snide fun at anyone’s Hitler Youth upbringing. I’m going to be classy. And what’s more, I’m going to let pass without any smirking comment at all a mention I’ve just heard on the news of the Vatican’s views on “deep-seated homosexuality”.

Not a word.

Anyway, I’m far more intrigued by what the following news item described, while I was typing the above, as “Britain’s invisible homeless population”.

I don’t know whether that’s cool or just frightening. I mean, there could be three of them in the room with me right now and I wouldn’t know! Unless the smell gave it away, of course. And, in fact, if they were in the room, they wouldn’t be homeless, they’d just be invisible.

Think I’ll stop now…

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