Thursday, May 21, 2009

You can tell they’re useless just by looking at them

I’ve just had a client query the type size on a brochure we’re doing for her. She’s worried about the “visibly impaired”.

Another nice source of linguistic fun (yes, I’m that sort of person) is the live subtitling on TV. A demanding job, and there are inevitably slips. Lately at the gym I’ve seen a Sri Lankan politician supposedly saying “Ice pick to you on this historic day”, and some churchy-type person talking about “fake issues”.


Andrew R said...

Watching some 90s retrospective show, the subtitles duly informed us that when Princess Diana died, "An Asian went into mourning." Sentimental old fool.

Tom Freeman said...

Saw a few nice ones tonight:

Hazel Blears has been singled out for criticism by Brown because she's "a blare out", whereas another saintly MP has "hardly climbed anything at all". A young paralympian swimmer has cut 10 seconds off her time in "one of the offence". And there was something about "Presenter Obama".