Friday, August 21, 2009

Turning Japanese

Someone has written a program that translates English into Japanese and then back again, to peculiar effect. I’m not completely convinced that the translations are perfect, but I rather think that may be the point.

John Band used it on some song lyrics and asked people to guess the originals. I’ve had a go with proverbs, which I think are easier. And quite funny. See how many you can get:

  1. Two birds with one hand, the value of President Bush.
  2. The depth of the water is still running.
  3. You can see the king of your cat.
  4. Mind the need to shift the remaining.
  5. You need a true friend of a friend.
  6. Lack of good mileage?
  7. You can communicate your actions.
  8. After the wait, I want everyone to come.
  9. Parsnips are only words.
  10. Stupid angels fear to walk again.
  11. You need to drive the devil.
  12. Cold food is the best revenge.
  13. They have great difficulties.

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