Sunday, January 03, 2010

Dot-com boom hits Westminster, ten years late

If I even attempt to ridicule this, I fear my head will explode:

A £1 million taxpayer-funded prize will be offered by the Tories in a competition to produce a website that can "harness the wisdom" of voters if it wins the general election, the party has announced.

Announcing the cash prize, which would be taken from the Cabinet Office budget, the party said it believed "the collective wisdom of the British people is much greater than that of a bunch of politicians or so-called experts".
It would be paid to the individual or team "that develops a platform that enables large groups of people to come together online to solve common problems and develop new policies".

To save me the brain haemorrhage risk, I’m just going to point you towards Marina Hyde and Paul Sagar, who trash the idea.

Actually, no. I’m being too sneering. I’m a blogger, for heaven’s sake: I’m supposed to disagree with the view that (as The Now Show’s Jon Holmes puts it) online political discussion forums are like “an adventure playground for mentals”. In fact, I’m going to enter the competition myself:

Rather than having parliamentary committees scrutinise legislation, just publish all bills as wikis.

Nothing could possibly go wrong.

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