Thursday, April 22, 2010

Going down the Tubes

I got one of the new Victoria Line trains this morning. I hadn’t even heard about these. My first impressions:


  • Cleanliness. Obviously, they will always stay this clean.
  • They announce which side the doors will open when you get to the next station. Handy.
  • Engine sound is more high-tech. Good for creating a sense of progress.


  • Smell of burning rubber. Hmm. Will have to look at the wheels next time I get on one.
  • Piercing, stressful warning signals when doors open (ambulance-type siren) and close (hellish shriek).
  • New robotic announcer woman unbearably smug and exuding far too much phoney cheeriness, which just intensifies the resentment and pissed-offness felt by actual passengers. Really, it’s not worth trying to create a sense of occasion about approaching Highbury & Islington.
  • Shape of internal walls makes it awkward to stand pressed up against them; had to tilt my head forwards or sideways.

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Anonymous said...

I'd say you should get out more - but you clearly are