Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Subbing blog

Cathy Relf has a great blog on sub-editing. I particularly recommend her post on spatial awareness training for editorial staff.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of People Being Crap With Language, the other day I was editing something that contained the phrase “female parents”. I’ll never know how I managed it but I was, eventually, able to trim this down to a single word.

And, just as I typed the above, my colleague C came across this gem: “The venue also offers baby-hanging facilities.”

Update 15/7/10: I've closed comments on this post owing to a plague of spambots.


Cathy Relf said...

Hi Tom, thanks for the mention! I feel rather churlish pointing out that I am a Cathy rather than a Kathy, but I am sure you are accustomed to the dangers of engaging with pedants. Nice blog!

Tom Freeman said...

Aargh! Sorry Cathy, I'm utterly, utterly aghast. All corrected now. (I too rarely proofread my own blogging.)

Anonymous said...

'Baby-hanging facilities' sounds about right