Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beeb says sorry for compulsive commentary

The BBC has replied to my complaint about their presenters talking over the announcement of the Labour leadership vote, rendering it inaudible. The reply says:

This was a significant political event and our aim was to reflect that in our coverage by striking a balance between live coverage of the event itself while offering analysis of the developments of the day as they unfolded.

However, complaints on this issue were forwarded to senior figures within the BBC Newsroom and BBC’s political team and they agree that on this occasion it was inappropriate to continue with the commentary and analysis whilst results were being read out. We would like to apologise for the interruption during the announcement.


Niall Smith said...

Jolly good.

Try getting the same type of response out of sky

Nich Starling said...

It's as bad as their coverage of PMQs when talk over it everytime someone stands up to speak.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that 'political news' consists of a correspondent telling us:

a) what they've been told will happen
b) what the biggest gossip told them in the pub last night
c) what conflict might emerge (with their fingers crossed that it does)
d) what idiots will think about it all

and of course, nothing about actual policies if it gets in the way of personality driven soap opera.