Saturday, September 25, 2010

A terrible result

I’ve just emailed the BBC to complain about the fact that Emily Maitlis and Nick Robinson talked over the ACTUAL LIVE NEWS EVENT HAPPENING RIGHT IN FRONT OF US so that they could give us a bland piece of commentary that was ALREADY OUT OF DATE BY THE TIME THEY FINISHED MAKING IT.

A painful example of how the desperate urge to be seen to be ‘adding value’ actually makes things worse.

Oh, and congratulations to Ed. Bloody hell, that was close!

(Update: But it could have been closer. Ed's 50.65% vote was better than Nick Clegg's 50.62% leadership win over Chris Huhne.)


Mil said...

Yup. I tweeted my unholy irritation too. They're so full of themselves. Outside broadcast coverage used to mean just that. Now it's just another opportunity for pundits to air their suits and fancy make-up. (I mean Nick Robinson, of course.)

Richard T said...

I mailed in my annoyance (actually I was so cross with its crassness that I did shout at the TV) as well. On the longer view, I notice Nck Robinson is now in pundit mode talking up the potential for conflict between the brothers.

lolla said...

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