Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Is something wrong with my feed?

I wish I was savvy enough to be able to answer this myself. Here’s the thing: on a couple of sites that aggregate lots of blogs, most postings appear with the post title and then a line or two of body text.

But lately my posts are being shown as title-only. I don’t think I’ve changed my settings.

Any bright ideas?


bloggingjames said...

Working fine with my Google reader. I get the title plus about 8/10 lines of the article.

Andrew Brown said...

Bloglines is just doing the headlines as well. Sorry I'm not clever enough to explain why.

Bloggers4Labour said...

I've had a look at your feed, comparing it (for sake of example) with Tom H's, and whereas his summary text appears in a "description" field (where I'd expect to see it), yours has (even the RSS one) an "atom:summary" field, which seems to me to be totally wrong. Perhaps you'd better check your Blogger settings (drop me a mail if you need guidance), as B4L - and plenty of similar aggregators, I should imagine - will just skip your description.