Monday, May 14, 2007

The kind of stupid thing I worry about

A glimpse inside my brain:

‘…well, it’s only slightly raining, really not enough to justify putting my umbrella up – in fact, it’s kind of refreshing – but I do have a 25-minute walk ahead of me, and while I guess that at no moment will I feel excessively rained upon, it’s quite likely that by the end I will have accumulated enough droplet hits to make my clothing damper than I’d like, so maybe I should put my umbrella up, but on the other hand that really seems like an over-reaction to the current level of precipitation, so perhaps I should just carry on as I am for the moment and then reassess the situation if it gets heavier or if I start to notice moisture building up on my clothes…’

Tom Freeman – Man of Action.

The only thing that saved me from going the rest of the journey like that was overhearing a snippet of conversation, which completely distracted me from all thoughts of weather:

Woman 1: I really like that girl, but I can never remember how to say her name.
Woman 2: Is that Naomi?
Woman 1: Yeah, that’s her.

Tom Freeman – Not Quite the Stupidest Person in London.

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bloggingjames said...

I'm glad to hear that there are other people in the world like me. I seem to have the ability to make the simplist thing into a problem that feels like it needs the attention of the worlds greatest academics.