Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bad service

I would like, with all the mildly injured harrumphing pomposity I can muster, to record my contempt for BBC2’s decision to cut Tony Blair off in mid-sentence yesterday.

Rather than continuing to broadcast his last couple of minutes in Parliament, they cut away to bring us the vital second game of the second set of the first-round match between Anna Ivanovic and Melinda Czink.

Actually, that’s not quite true. They cut away from the PM’s final remarks to bring us half a minute or so of Andrew Neil and the closing credits for The Daily Politics, then two trailers for future programmes, then about a minute and a half for the tennis opening credits and chit-chat from Sue Barker about the previous day’s play and matches that were coming up later, plus wry remarks on the weather.

Then they got straight to the third point of the second game of the second set of the match.

Czink held her serve to love, although in the end Ivanovic won.

(Ahem) Helloo-oo? Sense of occasion, anyone?



James said...

I couldn't believe that is was absolutely shocking. Fortunately I had remote to hand and quickly swapped to News24

Tom Freeman said...

Yeah. I've never liked Andrew Neil but I'm sure he was spitting blood at whatever common-sense-bypass management halfwit made that call.

(Because of the unique way my licence fee payments are funded, I was at work at the time and so had set the video: channel-hopping not possible, alas.)

Their final revenge on him for the Gilligan/Hutton saga?