Monday, June 18, 2007

Labour blogger counts to six – exclusive!

1. Johnson
2. Harman
3. Benn
4. Hain
5. Blears
6. Cruddas

I’m still not completely sure, but it’s too late now.

(This post is dedicated to Tom Hamilton, who unfortunately isn’t standing…)


Tom said...

I've voted, believe it or not (twice, in fact, because I'm allowed to) but the joy of having a secret ballot is that I don't have to tell anyone how I did it. I will say, though, that while it's not identical to yours it's similar in several crucial respects.

Tom Freeman said...

Yeah, I was surprised to get two votes (I'd completely forgotten that Fabian members have a vote too). I briefly considered voting different ways, but then I couldn't really be bothered to work out the tactical implications of the preferential system.

Tom said...

I'm always please when I see other people use the words "I couldn't really be bothered" in relation to the deputy leadership election. Well done.