Thursday, June 28, 2007

An interregnum and a honeymoon

The BBC lists the crises that struck a fragile nation during our 68 minutes without a prime minister yesterday, including the announcement that Chantelle and Preston Bigbrother were divorcing, and a Scotsman being attacked by a buzzard (no, not that Scotsman). (Hat tip: The Virtual Stoa.)

And in the Guardian, Tim Dowling gives a blow-by-blow account of Brown’s first 100 minutes in power:

2.50pm The BBC reports that Brown's car is making "slow progress" towards Downing Street. Does this send out the right message?


Anonymous said...

Also I lost my car keys for seven minutes- was that listed? No!

Tom Freeman said...

Well, that's a disgrace. Clearly the govenrment has lost all sense of priorities if something like that can happen (and the BBC must be trying to cover up its failings)!