Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Disproportionate misrepresentation

For sheer pompous idiocy whose lack of wider perspective is eclipsed only by a blindness to its own double standards, you really can’t beat the Lib Dems:

Gordon Brown's attempts to recruit politicians from other parties is a "threat to democracy", Lib Dem Treasury spokesman Vince Cable has warned. He told a meeting at the party conference in Brighton that the prime minister wanted to "create a permanent dominance" for Labour.
The Lib Dems had to "establish ownership rights" on issues such as the environment and Europe, Mr Cable added. They should not allow other parties on to the "centre ground", he said.

Is that clear? For a prime minister to recruit unpaid advisers from other parties is a domineering threat to democracy. But third parties should act to prevent their rivals from adopting certain positions and addressing certain issues.

Good old Lib Dems: if they didn’t exist, you’d have to launch a consultation on the constitutional procedures of a sub-committee to consider a range of options for taking forward the process of deciding whether or not to invent them.


Hughes Views said...

At my great age everything reminds me of something. This reminds me of a chap in my team who was furious when a number of his ideas were implemented. He no longer had much scope for wise mutterings about hopelessly unresponsive management and even the (fairly small by City standards/huge by third world standards) bonuses he received did little to cheer him up. I wonder if he was a Lib Dem....

Tom Freeman said...

Yes, there is a certain sort of person that loves being the disgruntled outsider. You often get versions of this mindset to the fringes of the left and right, but I guess there's a centrist strain as well. Who, after all, joins the Lib Dems in the serious expectation of ending up in Downing Street?