Thursday, September 20, 2007

My space

The blogging rate here is going to drop right off over the coming weeks. I’ve chosen this moment of maximum housing market and interest rate uncertainty to start looking for my first flat to buy, and then of course a mortgage to buy it with.

I’m told that the process of chasing round estate agents, properties, solicitors, surveyors and banks is really very relaxing. So, as a result, I’m sure I’ll be too preternaturally calm to concern myself with writing about such fripperies as I usually concern myself with.

See you around…


Alex said...

Hey good for you Tom!
...depending on the rate you get, that is.

Will this new place come equipped with an internet connection?

*cough!* *cough!* *facebook!* *cough!* *cough!*

;-) I'm just yankin' your chain! Hey, best of luck with that whole fiasco!

Dikkii said...

You may find, Tom that in the current climate, actually finding a loan may get harder, given the risk-motivated credit squeeze currently sweeping the Western world.

On the other hand, this may be a medium to long term thing.

Enjoying your blog.

Tom Freeman said...

Well I've got a passable deposit, so I think it'll be OK as it seems it's mainly the higher-value mortgages that are getting tighter.

Northern Rock's offering some great deasl right now!

Seen a couple of places I like, I'm just wondering how much I could haggle the price down. Mildly terrifying...