Monday, October 15, 2007

Official: donating to the Tories is insane

A silly season story seems to have been held over from August:

The Conservatives have lost a battle to keep an £8.3m bequest by a man whose son described him as delusional. Drugs mogul Branislav Kostic, who died in 2005, wrote his will in the 1980s after saying Margaret Thatcher would save the world from "satanic monsters". But his only son Zoran, 50, contested the bequest at the High Court, saying his father was "deluded and insane" and he was entitled to the entire estate.

But the thing is, times have changed since the 1980s. The Tories have ditched so much of the Thatcher legacy in their bid to look modern and caring that Mr Kostic Sr’s reasons for backing the party no longer hold true.

For many traditional party supporters, David Cameron’s infamous ‘hug a satanic monster’ speech was the last straw.

And, delightfully:

Handing down his judgement, Mr Justice Henderson, said Mr Kostic would not have left the money to the Tories if he had been "of sound mind".

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