Monday, October 15, 2007

An old trick

The Lib Dems are at it again:

[Menzies Campbell] insisted that he would stick to his pledge to lead the party "into the next election and beyond", telling members he was not too old at 66 to lead the party.

It’s very deft, the way he keeps doing that. In fact, it’s one of his smartest political tricks (not that that’s saying much).

Because, of course, the issue isn’t whether he’s too old: it’s whether he’s crap.


Tom said...

Ah, the perils of blogging about stuff in the news and then going away for a few minutes...

Tom Freeman said...


I wondered if I could get away with taking an 'I criticised Campbell and minutes later he resigned' line, but that would have been pretty thin.

So i\'ll have to join Simon Hughes, Nick Clegg, Vince Cabel and the rest of them in saying that I had no hand in Ming's downfall.

Tom Freeman said...

Oops, got a bit typo-tastic towards the end there.