Monday, January 28, 2008

Mind control

Tony Blair’s gone and bagged himself another job in business. Never mind the details, just look at this horrific piece of corporatese from the gushing chief exec:

His appointment sits alongside other initiatives where Zurich has partnered with external thought leaders to challenge and enhance our operational and strategic thinking.

Thought leaders? Ugh. And a bit sinister. A bit like ‘community leaders’, only getting inside your head.


Matt M said...

Maybe they're more external-thought leaders than external thought-leaders.

Given that I - and I assume most people - have no idea what an external-thought is, I imagine it's quite easy to be a leader in it. No-one's going to question you about it.

Tom Freeman said...

Well, we'd have to ask what the thought would be external to. Usually I think it's 'the box'. After all, you've got to get outside the box to find the blue skies...

There's a school of thought in philosophy of mind called externalism, holding that the contents of our thoughts are determined by the environment around us, rather than just what's going on in our heads.

That's probably not it, though.

Matt M said...

I was thinking along the lines of external to the head - kind of like mental ventriloquism.

"These aren't the droids you're looking for."

Tom Freeman said...

These aren't the droids we're looking for.