Tuesday, January 27, 2009


A curious rationale:

The Muslim Council of Britain boycotted yesterday's national Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration in protest at the Israeli offensive in Gaza this month.

Number of Holocaust victims who were Israeli: zero.


tim f said...

Does the Muslim Council of Britain usually have a solid presence at the Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration?

In similar news, I'm, erm, boycotting my local synagogue and my local mosque in condemnation of both the IDF and Hamas.

Tom Freeman said...

They had been boycotting it on the grounds that it wasn't an 'inclusive' commemoration, focusing on the Jews. They proposed a more general 'Genocide Memorial Day' - a fair idea, but the boycott itself was crushingly stupid.

In December 2007, they ended the boycott, while still arguing for the change.

Looks like they're found a new excuse.